At Easy Crypto, we love celebrations! Our global team is composed of people of diverse cultural backgrounds, and we celebrate something almost every month. We’re happy to join the festivities of Sete de Setembro, also known as the Brazilian Independence Day!

Coinciding with this bright and colorful day is the…

When we talk about trading cryptocurrencies, short-term price volatility is important to watch out for. While the price movements seem wild and erratic, crypto traders have noticed quite a few consistent patterns, and have made some generalisations about the market.

One of which is that the short-term price movement tends…

Nothing can spark a conversation better than the topic of investment options and risk management, particularly when it comes to crypto.

Investment is regarded by some as a methodical approach to managing life savings. Others see it as a social norm, to show that one is capable and responsible for…

We live in a digital age that allows seamless connectivity across our online presence. While this is certainly a convenience in many ways, it also opens up many possibilities for malicious intents. Cyber crimes such as identity theft, hacks, malware and such are all real threats within this digital age.

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